Tips for Traveling in a Car with a Puppy

To some pet lovers, a trip is no fun if their pets are left behind. While your puppy can be a great travel companion, going on trips together also comes with its set of challenges that you should be prepared to tackle. The following tips for traveling in a car with a puppy can help you to easily overcome most of the hurdles. 

Train Your Puppy to Ride in a Car 

Driving in a car with your puppy for the first time can be stressful if it is not properly trained for such situations. If you cannot train the pup on your own, simply hire a trainer to do it. The sooner it gets accustomed to riding in a car, the easier it will be for both of you on the road. You can start by taking the pup on short car drives around. 

Get a Suitable Crate or Carrier 

Traveling in a car with a puppy requires that you use a crate or carrier to house it during the journey. When choosing a crate or carrier, go for one that is strong, well-ventilated and spacious enough for the puppy to maneuver.  If your puppy is not used to such restraints, it is also important to train it before the trip. 

Whenever you come to a stop and need to leave the car for some time, always remember to take the puppy with you. 

Carry the Puppy’s Vet Records 

The varying climatic and weather conditions experienced on the road can make your puppy to suddenly fall sick. As a result, you should always carry their vet records to assist with getting the right medical assistance for your puppy in case it starts to feel unwell.  

Observe the Pet’s Feeding Schedule 

Traveling may no doubt alter the feeding routines for your pet. However, you should not leave the puppy hungry for too long as that could impact erratic behaviors. It is advisable to feed the puppy well before departure and offer supplements and water on the road. 

Although traveling in a car with a puppy might seem daunting, proper preparations, training and a better understanding of your pet can make all the difference. With that, you and your puppy can experience remarkable adventures on the road. 

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