Things You Learn when Traveling Alone

Traveling with friends or a partner can be fun. However, traveling solo has something special. It allows you time to introspect. You also get a chance to learn things you may not know when traveling with others. Here are some of the things you learn when traveling solo.

You can interact with Locals at a Personal Level

When you travel with others, you spend most of your time together. But, if you travel alone, you are likely to spend time with the local. This allows you to interact with friendly locals at a personal level. You share experiences, learn their way of life, and engage in local activities.

Making Friends along the Way Becomes Easy

Traveling alone enables you to make schedules that suit your travel needs. You decide when to eat, where to go, and how to spend your time. You also decide who to meet and how to interact with them. What’s more, you are more approachable when you travel alone than when you travel in a group.

Being alone is Sometimes Healthy

Traveling alone enables you to distance yourself from other people for a while. This is healthy because you don’t focus on meeting other people’s expectations and needs. You enjoy your own company and focus on doing what makes you happy.

Solo Travel is empowering

Solo travel enables you to practice being independent. You come up with ways of overcoming the challenges that you face along the way. You learn to take care of yourself and make your own plans. This makes you more confident, stronger, and assured of your abilities.


Solo travel enables you to learn more about yourself. You discover what makes you happy, what you like, and what you don’t like. You also get a chance to exercise your freedom.

Traveling alone may seem scary at first. However, there are many things you can learn if you take time to plan before traveling. Take time to plan a solo travel to a solo travel experience like no other.

Useful Tips for Solo Men Travels

Many people think that men don’t travel alone. But, they do. The reasons why men travel solo vary. However, there are ways via which men can enhance their solo travel experience. If you are a man that wants to travel alone, here are tips that will enhance your solo travel experience.

Sit Back and Enjoy

Men have a tendency of rushing without first thinking. To enjoy your solo travels, sit back and enjoy culture functions. Take the presented opportunities and allow things to flow.

Don’t Intimidate

You most likely don’t think you are approachable. But, you are. Western men are larger than men in other places. Therefore, if you are a big man, be gentle when traveling alone. Speak calmly and smile at other people. Don’t cover your eyes with sunglasses all the time.

Keep Drugs and Drinks in Check

Be in control when it comes to drugs and drinks. You can turn to drugs and drinks when tired. However, this can lead to other problems like picking a fight with strangers. This can lead to a serious problem when in a foreign country.

Don’t Push Risk Taking

Risk taking is a thrill for most men. However, know your limits. Quick scuba course will make you ready for a shallow dive. If you take such a course, don’t go for a deep dive. Essentially, know your limits and don’t take uncalculated risks.

Ensure Your Protection from Pickpockets

Carry minimal gadgets to avoid attracting thieves. If you must carry gadgets, don’t show them off because doing so will make you an easy target for thieves. Also wear pants that have zipped pockets and use them to carry valuables.

Be Wary about Love

Finding love when traveling can be complicated. Since you will be in a different culture, you can misinterpret the responses of other people. You might not even know whether the other person is serious or pretending. Therefore, be careful.

If you intend to travel alone, follow these tips for solo men travels. They will help you enjoy the trip and ensure your safety.

Understanding Currency When Traveling

Understanding Currency When Traveling

Currency is all about money. This is undoubtedly a critical aspect of a trip. Even if you are traveling the world for free, you will still have to spend some money one way or another. And, understanding currency is one way of making sure that your money is spent wisely. Below, we take a look at some of the basics of currency, including the things that you should know about it when traveling.

The Basics of Currency Exchange

One thing that you should keep in mind is that the values of currencies vary from one country to another. The fluctuations can be caused by several factors including the inflation rate of a country, its interest rates, political stability, trade agreements, and debts among others. The relative value of any two currencies is referred to as exchange rate.

When traveling, the exchange rate should be a concern because it will determine how much you will spend to get the things that you need at your destination. If your home currency is stronger than that of the country you are visiting, you are likely to spend less on your trip. By knowing the currency exchange rate, it will be easier to determine beforehand, a suitable budget for your entire trip.

Whether you travel often or once in a while, there are two currency exchange rates to consider. One is the spot exchange rate, which refers to the exchange rates that financial institutions give each other when buying or selling foreign currencies. The other one is the nominal exchange rate, which is what consumers like travelers get.

While the spot exchange rate is not the one that you will be awarded when buying or selling foreign currencies, it is still important that you know it. The reason for this is because; it will help you tell if a bank or money exchanger is offering you a good or bad deal based on the prevailing exchange rates.

As a traveler, you should also know how currencies for different countries are labeled. For instance, US currency is labeled as USD. Knowing the unique labels of every country’s currency will enable you to easily determine their relative strength in terms of currency exchange.

In case you have any trouble on matters currency, you should consult with your financial service provider before the trip.


Travel Tips for Journalists

Travel Tips for Journalists

Journalists travel for varied reasons and in most cases, journalists travel to troubled areas or high-risk travel destinations to cover events. It’s important for journalist travelers to understand the security and legal environments of their destinations before they travel. I have a friend out in Texas that owns and his wife is a journalist and she is always giving us tips and how to watch out for local thieves and their tricks on how they take advantage of tourists, especially Americans as they stick out from the crowd. So, nevertheless, it’s still possible to travel to a troubled destination as a journalist and go back home safely. You just need to follow travel tips for journalists I mentioned below that I have gathered from the pros.

Conduct Some Research about Your Travel Destination

Press freedom is not the same in all countries. There are countries where speech freedom is guaranteed by the constitutions. However, some countries have regulations and laws that curtail speech freedom. Therefore, take time to learn how your destination country regulates or protects speech freedom before you travel.

Prepare Appropriately

Before you travel, take time to understand the visa processes and rules of your destination country. For instance, are you allowed to work with your visa in your destination country? This is very important because practicing your journalistic skills in a foreign country amounts to working. Therefore, learn about visa terms to ensure that you don’t violet them and land yourself in trouble.


In some countries, you are required to register with the local authority before you start practicing your journalistic skills. Therefore, ask your country’s embassy in your destination country about this in advance. For instance, find out whether you are required to get press credentials or register with a press syndicate. However, there are countries where “informal” journalists are tolerated until the local government criticizes them. If you don’t have press credentials, the local government can use this as an excuse to imprison or deport you.

Weigh Your Options

It’s important to determine whether the story that you are going to cover is really worth the risk. Always consider your safety before traveling. If your country has issued travel advisory to your destination, heed to that warning. Also check for additional information that may be provided before you travel and weigh your options carefully.

These are just some of the most important travel tips for journalists. It’s important that you also carry all the equipment that you need when you travel to cover events in a foreign country. Additionally, be keen on the events that unfold during your travel. In some cases, the situation can escalate while in a foreign country making it hard for you to travel back home. Therefore, be keen on what happens around you and go back home when possible or if necessary.

Reasons to Travel When Broke

Traveling when broke seems like a great fantasy. That’s because travel gives you a chance to run away from loans, debts, and probably a crummy job. But, some people see traveling when broke as a pipe dream that can’t be made a reality. Thus, many people put off travel until they have enough savings. Nevertheless, there are reasons to travel when broke.

Fewer Options can Mean More Options

When you are at the bottom financially, you may not have much to lose when you travel. That’s because you may not have a great job or money to worry about. You simply say goodbye and off you go. Traveling will give you a chance to get out of the current storm and probably find something that you will really love. You will also enjoy a better life experience and acquire the interpersonal skills that modern employers look for.

Explore Opportunities

There are many opportunities in the world. So, if you are tired of working in the same field or area, take time to travel. You might find new opportunities that are worth exploring when you travel. In fact, traveling might give you a chance to find things that you really love.

Therefore, instead of suffering in a crummy job, travel and explore. Move somewhere and start over. After all, this is how the ancient people lived. They kept moving to places that had opportunities to thrive on.

No Time is perfect to Travel

Picking up your stuffs and leaving when struggling financially seems scary. Actually, you will most likely be tempted to take time to earn a little more before you travel. However, no time will be perfect for traveling. No moment is right to travel. If your situation is bad, find opportunities then go try them out.

Being Broke Makes You Open to More Opportunities

When broke, you can easily use the internet to find opportunities for making and saving money. For instance, you can use sharing economy sites and websites that provide opportunities for making money from random jobs. Thus, you can use your trip to work as a freelancer and come back with some money.

Basically, there are no excuses for not traveling when broke. Simply take time to plan your trip and go regardless of your financial situation.


Importance of Comfort When Traveling

When traveling, you are outside the comfort zone that you are used to in your home. However, you can still find comfort in both direct and indirect things during your trip.  

Traveler’s Comfort

Indirect things that may provide comfort include the peace of mind that comes with the realization that you have planned your trip well. This happens when you choose a reputable travel consultant. Uncertainty and loose ends at this stage of a travel experience makes it uncomfortable if you didn’t take time to prepare.

Another indirect factor that influences comfort when traveling is hygiene. This is becoming a major concern especially for people that travel to exotic places. However, even travelers to non-exotic locations are concerned about hygiene.

Perhaps, you might wonder what could concern you when you stay in a hotel with a recognized brand. A major comfort factor that many travelers are concerned about is a pillow. Some hotels provide pillows with exaggerated firmness and size. As such, some travelers prefer carrying their own pillows.

Other things that affect comfort when traveling include the strong additives and detergents that are used to wash beddings in hotels. These cause skin irritation and general discomfort.

Why Comfort Matters when Traveling

Comfort is very important when traveling because it enables a traveler to enjoy quality rest or sleep while en route and at their travel destination. When you get a good rest, you enjoy the trip and explore your destination more.

Comfort enhances a good feeling among travelers. This is very important because you want your trip to be enjoyable and memorable. You want to enjoy every bit of your trip regardless of your location or travel destination. If you are uncomfortable during the trip, you will be stressed and this will make your experience unpleasant. Therefore, take time to plan your trip well while considering factors that will influence your comfort.

Comfort makes the overall travel experience enjoyable.

How Traveling Promotes Your Health

Traveling is very important for your health. In addition to providing an awesome experience and fun, travel comes with numerous health benefits. Here are some of them:

Travel Reduces Stress

Chronic stress is associated with many health issues. Fortunately, traveling provides an effective way to combat stress. When you travel, you loosen up. Even traveling for one or two days can leave you feeling rejuvenated and fresh. But, you must leave problems behind when you travel. Unfortunately, some people think that traveling is costly. However, traveling should not always be luxurious and grand. When planned properly, a few days of a budget getaway will be very effective in combating stress.

Travel Enhances Mental Health

When you travel, you learn and discover new things. These include new places, culture, and history. This stimulates your thinking process while harnessing your map ability and skills. Basically, traveling works out the brain. It improves memory and mental state. It also enhances positive thoughts flow while allowing you to enjoy some fresh air. That’s why people that travel more often are emotionally stable and open-minded.

Travel Enhances Physical Fitness

Traveling entails numerous physical activities. It makes you active. That’s because your itinerary can include activities like hiking, swimming, or kayaking. These activities involve body movements. The amount of burnt calories is largely dependent on the chosen travel destination as well as the activities that you engage in. What’s more, you engage in more walking when you travel than when you just stay at home. Nevertheless, avoid overacting during the trip.

Travel Boosts Self-Discovery

When you travel to new places, you see things from a different perspective. Thus, travel is more than seeing new surroundings. It’s also about self-reflection. When you travel, you also discover new things about your personality.

Generally, travel plays a very important role of enabling you to stay healthy. It enables you to enjoy life while promoting your health. Therefore, travel more to see the world and promote your health at the same time.


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The cleanest countries that you can visit

You can say a lot of things, just to look at the country. To see if a country is clean or if the country is filthy. Did you wonder which countries are known as the cleanest country in the world that you can visit? This is quite interesting to see which countries are known as clean. It is always great to visit a country that is clean and beautiful. This is the top 3 cleanest countries in the world that you can visit on your next overseas trip.


Sweden is the one country that is the cleanest in the world. The belief in recycling and they are making sure that their children are taught from a young age about keeping your country clean.

They are really proud to have a beautiful country and the belief in keeping it clean. The great thing is that crime is also quite “clean”. If you are looking for a country where you can enjoy the scenery without waste that is laying around or crime that is everywhere, then Sweden is the country to consider.


This might come as a surprise to many people, but India is the second cleanest country in the world. The picture that we are getting from Japan, isn’t that this is a clean country, but actually, we are so wrong.

They are really protected by their country, and they are making sure that they are taking care of their country. And, this includes making sure that they are clean and not throwing garbage all around. They also have some great recycling projects going on that are making sure that they are getting rid of their waste. Japan is a beautiful country that is clean. A great place to visit if you are considering a clean country for your next tour.


Singapore is another really clean country. If you are looking at their laws you will see that there are a couple of rules against throwing garbage in the country. And, even leaving gum on the streets are illegal. So, this is making Singapore the third cleanest country in the world.

However, this also means that you need to make sure that you are aware of their rules and regulations about garbage and recycling. You don’t want to get into trouble because you didn’t know the rules and doing something wrong. They are really a strict country with strict rules.

For some people, it doesn’t really matter if the country that they are going to visit is clean or not. However, there are many people that are looking for clean countries to visit. These are the three top cleanest countries in the world and you can visit them anytime. You will always find them clean. You just need to remember that some of these countries have strict rules about staying clean. You need to make sure that you know these rules before entering the country.