Islands with Strict Human Travel Restrictions

Did you know there are places where inhabitants have yet to enjoy modernity? For instance, the Sentinelese tribe in the Andaman Islands in Myanmar has never visited India, which governs them. Some places are off-limit for ordinary people, allowing only the elite to travel there. This blog post lists the top islands with high human travel restrictions.

Andaman Islands

Most people know the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal for their inhabitants, the Sentinelese. These people form a small tribe that has resided there for over 60,000 years. This tribe isolates itself from the world, and people know it for harming outsiders. Rarely have travelers photographed the indigenous people, making them the planet’s anomaly. Also, their hostility has made even the Indian government give up on contacting them.

Fort Carrol Island, Baltimore

This island is off the Baltimore coast. It’s a decaying artificial island that has protected the city since the 19th century during the Civil War. It is hexagonal, but nobody uses it because of the constant flooding risk. It served as the army’s firing range and a ship checkpoint during World War II. This island remains isolated even after its sale to a private owner.

Niihau, Hawaii

Every Island in Hawaii has a nickname, and people know Niihau as a forbidden island. The same family has owned the island since 1864. Travels to this island ceased in 1952 to protect the natives from the polio epidemic. Since then, people from the outside world have not traveled to this island. However, the inhabitants have become lenient, allowing helicopter tours to this place for a few hours.

Visiting the islands with strict human travel restrictions is not child’s play. It requires connections to the locals or authorities. Therefore, take your time to plan your trip to these places and take appropriate precautionary measures to ensure your safety.

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