Important Coverage for Solo Travel Insurance

Before you buy solo travel insurance, it’s crucial to determine what it covers. Several things can happen to you when traveling alone, especially when you choose a destination outside your home country. As such, you should choose travel insurance whose coverage ensures your protection while away. 

When buying solo travel insurance, consider your annual travel plans. Determine whether your travel plans include: 

  • Single short trips- You may want to take a single or two trips throughout the year. 
  • Single long trips- You may want to go on trips that will last more than 30 days. 
  • Multiple trips- You may want to go on two or more trips that will take 2 to 4 weeks during the year. 

After this, consider the most appropriate coverage for your solo travel insurance. 

Coverage for Solo Travel Insurance

Your solo travel insurance can cover different categories of risks. Major among them include: 

  • Dental and medical coverage- This includes coverage for accidents and illness. This should be your priority because you don’t know how the weather and food at your travel destination will affect your health. To ensure your good health and safety, get the insurance that provides dental and medical coverage. 
  • Trip delay, interruption, or cancellation- This coverage is important to travelers that purchase a cruise or tour. When traveling independently, most people don’t invest a significant amount of money upfront. Thus, this coverage might be less critical for them. 
  • Personal and baggage effects loss- Damage or theft of personal belongings can cause real trouble to a traveler. To avoid the trouble that loss of personal belongings and baggage can bring, buy insurance that covers their loss or theft. 

Before you purchase solo travel insurance, compare coverage and prices of different companies. This will enable you to buy travel insurance that provides important coverage at a reasonable price. 

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